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The purpose of The Cumberland Presbyterian is to disseminate the news of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to promote its faith, programs, and activities, and to provide fair and open discussion of theological and denominational issues.

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Thanks to RSS, a standardized XML-based format used for syndicating news and similar content, you can have articles from The Cumberland Presbyterian and denominational news from CP UPDATES delivered directly to you. By using Really Simple Syndication (RSS), we can serve a feed to your news reader, blog, web site, or personalized home page, automatically providing direct links to our very latest articles and news.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Magazine RSS Feeds

How does this work?

You can click the links above or they can be entered into a news reader, blog, Web site, or personalized home page, such as my.yahoo.com.

To have our feeds appear on your church website, you can click the appropriate link and add the code to your html page. Also, a number of web-based services will generate JavaScript code you can paste into your Web page to grab the feed automatically. Check out: FeedRoll, Feed2JS, RSS-To-Javascript, and MobileRSS .

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