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Bethel University Breaks Ground on New Chapel

By Jennifer Glass, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Bethel University
                Bethel University broke ground Saturday, 5 May 2012, on a new 900-seat chapel. The event took place at Bethel’s main campus in McKenzie on the west side of the new Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment, where the chapel will be erected. Spring 2012 Commencement followed later in the day.
                Cumberland Chapel is being erected to honor six Cumberland Presbyterian ministerial couples and their service to the denomination: James and Freda Gilbert, James and Helen Knight, Hugh and Pat Parsons, Bill and Dolores Rustenhaven, Leroy and Andrea Muenzler, and Rodney and Pauline McCord.
                At the groundbreaking Bethel President Bob Prosser said, “The first fruits of education are the response to the call to need once one has received the gift oneselfthis is the Cumberland Presbyterianism in our characterit is real, it is true, and that’s why we’ll have a chapel named Cumberland Chapel.”
                Also speaking at the groundbreaking was Dr. Maribeth McGuire, a former Bethel professor and academic dean, and a life-long Cumberland Presbyterian.McGuire pointed out how God has continued to graciously bless Bethel in ways that people can now see for themselves.
                “Bethel will finally have its chapel,” McGuire said, “a separate building denoting several things. First, it will serve as an important symbol of a religious emphasis on campus, and it will remind us that Christians dwell here, work here, and intend to serve the Lord.”
                McGuire also said the new chapel will emphasize the connection to the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. “This institution shares a precious history with the mother church,” she said, “and must always cherish its connection, understand it importance, and live in its light.”
                “This will also be a place that says that worship, work, and study are fully integrated on this campus,” McGuire continued. “Finally, Cumberland Chapel symbolizes God’s presence among us. It will remind us on a daily basis that God is with us.”
                Cumberland Chapel is phase III in the Vera Low Center for Student Enrichment. Phase I, which included a spacious new cafeteria, a new student activities room, a new bookstore, and student life and enrollment services offices, was completed in August 2011. Phase II, which is a new gymnasium, is at completion with Bethel’s spring 2012 Commencement ceremony being the first event in the new space.
                Bethel University is celebrating its 170th birthday in 2012. It offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees through a variety of learning platforms and from campuses across Tennessee.

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