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A Man Who Completed PAS Ė John Shoulta

Interesting people can be found everywhere -- even in ministry in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. One such person is the Rev. John Shoulta, pastor of the Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, White Plains, Kentucky. John is a 1990 graduate of the Program of Alternate Studies (PAS).

John became a member of Margaret Hank through His wife Brenda. During 1983 he answered Godís call to enter the minister thus began his struggle. With only a high school education how could he ever fulfill the educational requirements?

Through the help of his committee on ministry, a door was opened for him to meet the educational requirements. In 1985 John took the road that lasted for 5 years and ended with his completion of PAS.

In our time together he shared his feelings about PAS which became his family. Every year, John and his wife return for PAS graduation. They help to put together the celebration after the gradation is over. His wife also makes stoles that are given to each graduate. It is like a home coming. He sees old friends and makes new ones. Each year there are the new people coming into the program and others ready to move out into ministry. He is proud of what this program is doing.

Each person has a story of their journey to Bethel College for PAS. This is just one of the stories of how God is using this program (PAS) to bless the church and its people.

By Donald Nunn

Donald Nunn was a participant in the 2007 writing conference hosted by Bethel College and sponsored by the C P Publication Board. This story was a part of his writing assignment.


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