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The purpose of The Cumberland Presbyterian is to disseminate the news of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to promote its faith, programs, and activities, and to provide fair and open discussion of theological and denominational issues.

Church Signs are a Prank


I have received several e-mails showing church signs with inappropriate text. Most often the e-mails show a Beulah Cumberland Presbyterian Church at war with another faith, especially Catholic.

These signs are a prank. To see how they create these signs, you may check this out at www.churchsigngenerator.com

If you receive one of these forwarded e-mails, please respond to the sender to be sure they understand that this is not a true Cumberland Presbyterian church sign.

                   -Editor Pat White                                                          

 This forwarded e-mail continues to rear its ugly head time after time, so I am resurrecting this message that explains that this is not a theological issue for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church...not addressed in the Confession of Faith.


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